GSI and FAIR - Guest Registration

You have several options to start the registration process.

Please remember : Users with experiments managed by GATE do not need to start a guest registration here, but need to be registered as users in GATE and complete their personal data in order to obtain access to GSI / FAIR campus.

  1. Are you a User intending to visit GSI / FAIR for different reasons other than an experiment? (Users need to be registered in GATE and have a valid GATE-account.) You can use your personal data stored in GATE. Please start your "guest registration" in the personal section within GATE.
  2. If you are a Guest (no User) and therefore do not have a GATE-account but do have a GSI-Weblogin: You can start here, and (if available) use you last stored registration data.
  3. If you are a Guest and have neither, you should start with the empty registration form.

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