Overview experiments (ranked A)

Experiment ID Title Proposer Part Ranking Granted shifts
B-22-00042 Particle arc therapy for precision small animal irradiation Graeff, Christian 1.1-SA4
B-22-00046 Biomedical Applications of Radioactive Ion Beams (BARB) Durante, Marco 1.1-SA18
B-22-00049 IMmune actIvatioN fOllowing FLASH irradiation (MINOS) Tinganelli, Walter 1.1-SA3
B-22-00071 Complement Inhibition and Carbon Ion Radiotherapy” (CONCORDIA) Fournier, Claudia 1.1-SA2
B-22-00102 Commutative property in mixed X-ray plus C-ions clinical trials (COMIX) Orlandi, Ester 1.1-SA2
B-22-00132 Carbon Ion Radiotherapy And mRNA Cancer Vaccines In Lung Metastasis Tumor Models (CIVIL) Vascotto, Fulvia 1.1-SA2
G-22-00018 Nuclear two-photon decay and bound-state pair conversion Korten, Wolfram 2.2-EA15
G-22-00027 Neutron skin measurement of 132Sn and 144Xe Kanungo, Rituparna 1.1-SA5
G-22-00028 Indirect measurements of neutron-induced reaction cross sections at storage rings Jurado, Beatriz 1.1-EA21
G-22-00034 Chemical studies of carbonyl complexes of the superheavy elements Sg (Z = 106) and Bh (Z=107) Yakushev, Alexander 2.1-UA42
G-22-00038 Continuation of E128 Dielectronic Recombination-assisted laser spectroscopy: A new tool to investigate the hyperfine-puzzle in Bi$^{80+,82+}$ Nörtershäuser, Wilfried 1.1-EA22
G-22-00040 Exploring the fission, beta decay and α-decay fine structure of superheavy nuclei with ANSWERS at TASCA Jadambaa, Khuyagbaatar 2.1-UA63
G-22-00047 Absolute rate coefficients from dielectronic recombination for the astrophysically relevant ions Ne3+ and S3+ Lestinsky, Michael 1.1-CA18
G-22-00051 Laser spectroscopy of californium, fermium, nobelium and lawrencium isotopes around N=152 Raeder, Sebastian 2.1-UA65
G-22-00052 Follow-Up E142: Laser Excitation of the 229Th Nucleus Using Nuclear Hyperfine Mixing Brandau, Carsten 1.1-EA21
G-22-00057 Nanostructuring of monolayer graphene by highly charged ions Niggas, Anna 1.1-EA12
G-22-00058 Ion beam and level population dynamics in Mg+ laser spectroscopy at CRYRING@ESR Sánchez, Rodolfo 1.1-CA36
G-22-00073 Matter radius of the hyperhalo candidate 3ΛH from interaction cross-section measurements Obertelli, Alexandre 1.1-SA34
G-22-00092 Testing diamond detectors for development of an active target Wimmer, Kathrin 1.1-SA9
G-22-00095 Energy determination of the 1s2 2s1/2 → 1s2 2p3/2 radiative transition in Li-like uranium ions via resonant coherent excitation in crystal Bräuning-Demian, Angela 1.1-EA18
G-22-00101 Isomer and decay spectroscopy in the A ∼ 80-90 region, between the N=Z line and the N=50 shell closure Cederwall, Bo 1.1-SA12
G-22-00103 Test of the beam tracking and identification for HISPEC-10 Vesic, Jelena 1.1-SA8
G-22-00110 mCBM@SIS18 2023/24 Sturm, Christian 3.1-SA19
G-22-00115 Study of a nuclear sandbank at the proton unbound bromine isotopes Pfützner, Marek 1.1-SA11
G-22-00117 In-cell multi-nucleon transfer reactions at the FRS Ion Catcher - a new perspective towards broadband heavy neutron-rich isotope studies with stable and unstable beams Constantin, Paul 1.1-SA5
G-22-00134 Precision x-ray spectroscopy of helium-like uranium using metallic magnetic calorimeter detectors Weber, Günter 1.1-CA20
G-22-00150 Mass measurements at N≈126 for understanding the 3rd r-process abundance peak Scheidenberger, Christoph 1.1-SA21
G-22-00179 First test of MNT reactions with secondary beams at the FRS Ion Catcher Mollaebrahimi, Ali 1.1-SA3
G-22-00180 Measurement of production cross sections of neutron-deficient fragments in the range of Z=82 to Z=89 in the reaction 238U+9Be Grahn, Tuomas 1.1-SA6
G-22-00181 Extending the quest towards the N=126 r-process waiting point Reiter, Peter 1.1-SA15
G-22-00182 Fission isomer studies with the FRS Zhao, Jianwei 1.1-SA6
G-22-00198 Absolute rate coefficients from dielectronic recombination for the astrophysically relevant ions Ne3+ and S3+ (Resubmission of G-22-00047) Lestinsky, Michael 1.1-CA18
G-22-00199 Target-electron correlations in slow-collision of ions with neutral targets Ehresmann, Arno 1.1-CA14
G-22-00200 Investigation of D+D fusion at BBN energies using CARME@CRYRING Bruno, Carlo 1.1-CA21
G-22-00201 A novel investigation of electron screening in low energy nuclear reactions using CARME@CRYRING Marsh, Jordan 1.1-CA42
M-22-00024 Bond-specific fragmentation of oligopeptides induced by swift heavy ions – excitation mechanism, reactions, and control Dürr, Michael 2.1-UA10
M-22-00050 Ion-induced desorption at room temperature for different surface treatments and beam parameters Velthaus, Verena 2.1-UA20
M-22-00053 Acoustic Measurement of the Energy Deposition of Heavy Ions in Water at 4°C Schreiber, Jörg 1.1-SA13
M-22-00065 Radiosensitivity of COMs in the condensed phase: temperature dependence and effects of water environment Kanuchova, Zuzana 1.1-UA20
M-22-00084 Ion tracks and ion track etching in materials: fundamental properties, track annealing and applications in nanopore sensing Kluth, Patrick 1.1-UA6
M-22-00098 Ion-Track Nanotechnology Toimil Molares, Maria Eugenia 1.1-UA30
M-22-00104 Swift heavy ion irradiation of mixed dust nanoparticles and ice analogues: Impact of cosmic rays on interstellar dust evolution. Dartois, Emmanuel 1.1-UA18
M-22-00107 Characterization of swift heavy ion irradiated metal and semiconductor nanowires synthesized by ion track technology Schubert, Ina 3.1-UA7
M-22-00109 Creation of nanopores in laminar graphene oxide membranes via grazing incidence SHI irradiation Liebsch, Yossarian 1.1-UA8
M-22-00129 Irradiation and in situ Raman analysis of ion-induced high-pressure phase transitions Tzifas, Ioannis 1.1-SA24
M-22-00145 Spatially Resolved Single Event Effect Testing of Power-Devices and Microcontroller Rüb, Michael 1.1-UA22
M-22-00146 Ultraslow, extremely high charged ions interacting with 2D materials Schleberger, Marika 1.1-SA4
M-22-00149 Swift Heavy Ion Induced Radiation Effects in Carbides and Oxides Lang, Maik 2.1-UA19
M-22-00162 Ion-induced desorption and sputtering of frozen gas layers Bender, Markus 1.1-UA25
M-22-00166 MeV-SIMS/SNMS of organic molecules Breuer, Lars 1.1-UA16
M-22-00167 First in-situ and online experiments at MSS@CRYRING (Material Science Station at CRYRING) Breuer, Lars 1.1-CA6
M-22-00170 Swift heavy ion irradiation effects in amorphous and high-entropy alloys Tomut, Marilena Tatiana 4.1-UA2
M-22-00184/UR Construction of experimental settings for the transformation of condensed matter under extreme conditions (P, T) by means of accelerated heavy ions Tajcmanova, Lucie 1.1-SA1
P-22-00089 Particle acceleration in a laser-driven magnetized plasma Gregori, Gianluca 2.2-PA20
P-22-00125 First compression experiments of carbon with SIS-18beams Bagnoud, Vincent 2.1-SA24
P-22-00137 Detection of ion-beam heating induced melting and graphitization by laser-driven x-ray probing Major, Zsuzsanna 2.1-SA60